Client Update (7.2.2)

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Client Update (7.2.2)

Postby Meeh » Mon Jun 24, 2013 23:19:14

Client update!

New windows builds are out. This time it's a static build to correct the runtime errors. If you have experienced the runtime error, please try this release! We also passed block 15420 and switched protocol without problems  ;D

This release also includes some optional fixes in the client, e.g if I2P is enabled it will drop dnsseed over internet. The checkpoints are also updated.

Note if you still use the first release, you must upgrade now. The protocol has switched and you will be unable to receive new blocks until you have upgraded.

Links: - Installer (QT Client, daemon & source) - Zip file (QT Client, daemon & source) - Zip file (Daemon & source)

OSX QT Client is currently undergoing development :)
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